In-Home Pet Odor (Cat Smell or Dog Smell) & Stain Remover

Professional dry foam spot remover expertly and gently cleans soils, spots and stains from all types of auto velour and fabric interiors.

Cat smell or dog smell is quite disturbing. Use as a spot remover on carpets and anywhere fabrics become soiled –auto, home, marine. The Odor Doctors special cleaners, suspended in a mostly dry foam, gently and thoroughly clean without allowing the area to become soaked. The Odor Doctors handy upside down spray valve makes cleaning a snap on all horizontal surfaces such as seats and rugs and also helpful for cat smell and dog smell.

Pet odorCat smell or dog smell is most often caused by bacteria and yeast metabolizing secretions, especially skin oils.



Pet Stain Odors – cat smell or dog smell

Pet Stains

Odors From Carpets & Upholstery

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“My daughter’s little dog had an accident on my living room carpet. Had a difficult time getting out the odor. We got the Pet Foam cleaner from The Odor Doctors and our issue was resolved!”

Atlanta, Ga Area Mom

The Odor Doctors - Ordor and Stain Removing Foam for Pet Urine