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If there is one thing that we know here at The Odor Doctors it is that when it comes to foul car odors, half measures just won’t do. That’s why we’ve been so successful and why we take our service so seriously. This is something owner Frank Simmons found out a long time ago. Frank Simmons was always an entrepreneur and before starting The Odor Doctors he owned a car dealership. And now with odor doctors he has developed a service that doesn’t just clean cars but sanitizes them.

There’s a lot that goes into the different aspects of sanitizing a car but it is something that The Odor Doctors has perfected down to a science. But that isn’t to say that the process is an easy one. You can learn more about it by visiting our car sanitation page.

As you guys may have heard, the National Automobile Dealers Association Trade Show was earlier this month. We attended and can tell you that it was a blast. Above you can see owner Frank Simmons and one of our brand evangelists at the show. We met a lot of interesting people, saw a lot of interesting things and managed to spread the word about The Odor Doctors.

We’re really proud of how recognizable we’ve become. Whenever we visit dealerships or trade shows, everyone knows that we are there to help eliminate odors from vehicles to improve customer experience. So if you need stubborn odors removed from your vehicle you know who to call! And you can be sure that everyone here is looking forward to the next NADA Trade Show in 2014.

Here’s an interesting video that deals with car sanitation and cleanliness. While we agree with everything said in the video their approach to odor removal and sanitation isn’t as complete as The Odor Doctors method. Where they focus on the cars vents we provide a high tech, total car sanitation solution. You can learn more on our vehicle sanitation page.

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This video does a good job of outlying the problems of buying a new car. It accurately highlights the dangers and germs in your vehicle–and the many different sources which cause them. But for complete odor removal, The Odor Doctors is the best solution on the market because it sanitizes the entire car–including vents, carpets, seat and headliners. We only use proven, customer friendly and non-toxic solutions that completely kill germs and bacteria on contact.