Sanitize Your Automobile

Once your car has been relieved of odors doesn’t mean there isn’t more work to be done. Now your car needs to be sanitized.

This is a process which should be undertaken every four months to really get the most out of your car’s interior. This is because your car’s interior can be home to some nasty germs. For instance MRSA has been found in car interiors and the largest hotspot for it has been found on steering wheels. That’s why it’s important to sanitize your vehicle regularly to provide a safe environment for you and your family.

Car sanitation also removes all foreign chemicals and other contaminants that may cause odors and adverse health effects in the future. And sanitizing isn’t just for older cars it can be a good step for newer ones as well. For instance, the new car smell is a very prized scent even though it’s essentially a mix of chemicals which may contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds.

In an age where people are more aware about the chemicals and toxins that they’re exposed to everyday it’s important to take charge of the areas where you have the most control– like your car.

Dry Saturated Steam, Extraction Foam and Sanitizing

This comprehensive cleaning involves:

  • Foaming the car
  • Deeper penetrating steam cleaning
  • Sanitizing the car
  • Ultimate air-purifying of the car interior, where germs are everywhere to remove smelly odor.