The Science
of Smell

There are many different ways that odors, dope smell, can develop inside of your car and make it a sticky car, they can come from a variety of sources.

How Air Conditioning (A/C) Systems Develop Odors – Evaporator smell

    1. Microbial contaminants (bacteria, mold, fungus) are naturally present in your vehicle. Moisture, darkness, and warmth enable odors to develop evaporator smell.
    2. Some of the moisture that condenses on your evaporator remains in the dark plenum chamber. The naturally occurring microbial contaminants utilize the moisture that does not drain out of the A/C system as a food source & breeding ground thus create evaporator smell.
    3. Once your air conditioner is off, the chamber warms up to a temperature that stimulates and accelerates microbial growth.

Once your vehicle provides a home for fungi, you will experience sporadic or continuous odors, evaporator smell emanating from your A/C system and disturb vehicle hygiene.

How Vehicle Interior Odors Develop

    • Vehicle interior odors like evaporator smell, dope smell are usually found to emanate from one of the following:

    • flood/leak damage (a mildew or musty smell)
    • beverage spills
    • previous cleaning operations where the interior was not allowed to completely dry
    • vomit
    • urine
    • pet odors
    • perspiration

Odor molecules from these organic sources can get trapped in the fibers of carpet or other interior fabric items disturb the vehicle hygiene, or in any tightly enclosed space and make it a sticky car.

  • Cabin Air Filter
  • Pet Odors
  • Food Odors
  • Used Car Odor
  • Marijuana Odor
Cabin Air Filter

Your vehicle’s cabin air filter collects many different smells and pollutants over time including, dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, mold spores, evaporator smell and other things that can cause bad odors along. You don’t want to be in an enclosed area with these potentially unhealthy irritants. The Odor Doctors removes these types of odors, dope smell, leaving you with a healthier environment in your vehicle with a proper vehicle hygiene.

Pet Odors

Pet odors can eventually build up in your  car, making it unpleasant to be inside. These odors can ruin the inside of your sticky car, and decrease the resale value. The experts at The Odor Doctors can help to neutralize the air for a fresh, clean scent.  You can now have your pet without keeping the smell, dope smell. From urine to stains, you no longer have to worry about your pets leaving behind an odor.

Food Odors

If you have cooked with food that give off potent odors like Garlic or Curry powder, it may be difficult to get rid of the smell from a sticky car. Food odors may be especially hard to get rid of if it they start to rot. You may have tried many DIY solutions to get rid of it, only to find your efforts were to no avail. The Odor Doctors – vehicle hygiene experts use a special formulated product that leaves your kitchen as if it was brand new.

Used Car Odor

Are you afraid your car has a used car odor? Whether your car has a cigarette smell or a musty, mildewy odor – The Odor Doctors can get it out! You my find your self rolling down car windows or using sprays only to cover up the smell with more chemicals. You may have tried different remedies that just don’t work. Our approach neutralizes odors so they wont return.

Marijuana Odor

Smoking is a very hard odor to get out of the car. The odor will build up and absorb into the cushions and vents, making it difficult to remove as smoke odor removal is hard. It could take months to get your car back to smelling normal, and many sprays do not get rid of the smell. If you do not want to cover up the smell and do smoke odor removal but would rather get rid of it for good, then contact the Odor Doctors today for vehicle hygiene.

No matter the cause, The Odor Doctor’s solution can rid your car of the cause of odor. In the case of odors caused from mold and bacteria, the condition is only going to become worse the longer they’re allowed to grow. And these invaders pose very real health risks as potential toxins and allergens.

There are plenty of things which cause odor besides mold; everything from food spills to bodily projections. And of course there’s the very distinct chemical odor which is caused by smoking. No matter what the unwanted odor is The Odor Doctors will help get rid of them.

Dry Saturated Steam, Extraction Foam and Sanitizing

This comprehensive cleaning involves:

  • Foaming the car
  • Deeper penetrating steam cleaning
  • Sanitizing the car
  • Ultimate air-purifying of the car interior, where germs are everywhere to remove smelly odor.