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We’ve worked hard perfecting the technology and techniques that are capable of completely ridding a car of odors.

We provide a whole car solution which means completely removing pesky odors from carpets, headliners, upholstery, cup holders and vents. The most important part of The Odor Doctors method is the identification of the odor. By identifying the right odor you can provide a permanent solution instead of just covering it up or masking it. While this may sound like an easy task the human body can detect over 10,000 scents, many of which can unfortunately make it into your car. This is why The Odor Doctors solution is so specific. Removing odors is not a one size fits all process.

Once the odor has been identified a corresponding microbial solution is used to target it. The solution penetrates the cause of the odor using nano-droplets. The solution, which is specifically designed to address that odor type, is applied using ultrasonic technology which deeply penetrates the source of odor and separates the causal element from its source.

While it may sound surprisingly complicated the results are not: an odor free car. And The Odor Doctors’ method works on all types of odors both chemical and naturally occurring like bacteria, mold and fungus. These types are most troubling because if left unchecked they will continue to grow and become even more of a threat to your family and loved ones.

Testimonials from Dealer Partners

Tim Caldwell

General Manager, Sterling Acura, Austin, Texas

The Expertly Sanitized Program by The Odor Doctors has been one of the best profit generators for our over-all operations and we put it on every pre-owned vehicle. Our returning customers now ask for it when they come back for regular maintenance. We have also found that our sales staff appreciate one less thing to worry about when test driving our used car prospects.

Mike Yale

Porsche of North Houston

This solution helps us position ourselves as the “Peace of Mind” dealership. We are sanitizing every car that comes through our service line.The solution works great and customers love it!

Jimmy Franks

BMW of the Woodlands

I’ve known The Odor Doctors for decades. They came to us with a sanitizing product that worked fantastic. It was clear that buying 2 cases per week was well worth it in terms of customer satisfaction. We’ve regularly realized a solid margin on all service lines.

Eric Fisher

General Manager, Whitewater Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

The success of automotive retailing in the future will require a different culture in how your product is presented to the buyer, particularly around in-vehicle sanitization. This is why we embrace this platform.