Completely remove ALL of those nasty odors, musty smell and smelly odor in your vehicle
Eliminate viruses from your car
Ultrasonic Vehicular Odor Extraction & Sanitizing Service!

Professional Vehicle Sanitizing & Odor Extraction

Like Medicine For Your Vehicle


Our proven odor-sanitization surface treatment technology completely removes unpleasant smells, smelly odor, musty smell using a unique treatment method that is easily applied to fleets, vehicles for sale and any other interior area. Make sure that customers, guests and employees experience only what is intended and nothing else!
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Air Purifying

When customers examine a vehicle, particularly a pre-owned car or truck, the most basic expectation is that they will detect no trace of the previous owner. Odors can instantaneously break the sale.
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Odor Removing

Eliminate odors, don’t just cover them up! Rid your car of odors from smoke, food, bacteria, mold & pet odors, musty smell and all smelly odor. Customers can always tell the difference. Read how we completely eliminate vehicle odors including smoke, pets, body odor and more!
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Dry Saturated Steam, Extraction Foam and Sanitizing

This comprehensive cleaning involves:

  • Foaming the car
  • Deeper penetrating steam cleaning
  • Sanitizing the car
  • Ultimate air-purifying of the car interior, where germs are everywhere to remove smelly odor.


Client Testimonials

The Odor Doctors is the only thing that really works!

General Sales Manager

Tennessee Audi Dealer


We had a sixty thousand dollar Chevrolet Suburban with a mouse trapped and dead in the vents. We tried every possible way to remove the stink. No success. I remembered, call The Odor Doctors! We’ve never had an experience with odor that The Odor Doctors could not remove.

Service Director

Houston Area Chevrolet Dealer