A Look Inside The Odor Doctors

July 15, 2015


If there is one thing that we know here at The Odor Doctors it is that when it comes to foul car odors, half measures just won’t do. That’s why we’ve been so successful and why we take our service so seriously. This is something owner Frank Simmons found out a long time ago. Frank Simmons was always an entrepreneur and before starting The Odor Doctors he owned a car dealership. And now with odor doctors he has developed a service that doesn’t just clean cars but sanitizes them.

There’s a lot that goes into the different aspects of sanitizing a car but it is something that The Odor Doctors has perfected down to a science. But that isn’t to say that the process is an easy one. You can learn more about it by visiting our car sanitation page.

But there’s even more to The Odor Doctors, its backstory as well as an insight to its day to day operations of sanitizing vehicles. And if you were wondering about any of these things then you’re in luck. Frank Simmons was recently interviewed by Autonews.com. It was a feature on Frank which touched on his history in the automotive industry and as a entrepreneur. It also went into more detail about what goes on behind the scenes of The Odor Doctors and some more of the specifics of what we do. For instance, can you guess what was the worst smell that we’ve ever had to remove from a car? The answer may surprise you. To check out the Autonews.com feature here.