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Proper vehicle sanitation is more complex than spraying a disinfectant solution in a closed space like an automobile. We think a non-chemical outcome is a much preferred outcome for most consumers.

Our Theodor doctors business model is derived from years of actual doing, on thousands of vehicles through our The Odor Doctors platform. If an unpleasant condition ever existed in a vehicle, we’ve seen it.

Due to our business experience as former franchise dealers, we understand your business goals and aspirations. Recalibrating your offerings in the service drive to accommodate future service opportunities will be key to your growth and success.

Benefits of Car Odor Eliminators

  • The clean-smelling vehicle. A  clean-smelling car can make the difference between a fun ride to work or around town and miserable experiences that ends up with your face permanently fixed in a scowl due to the smell of cigarette smoke or wet dog.
  • Affordable solution. Purchasing a car odor eliminator won’t break your monthly budget. It’s a simple solution to disgusted faces and comments of “theodordoctors” anytime someone gets in your car. You only have to spend a few dollars to enjoy a better-smelling car.
  • Higher resale value. Cleaner-smelling cars sell faster than those infested with a smoke smell or the other off-putting scent. Get more for your trade-in or private party sale by taking the time to take a position in car odor eliminators.
  • Long-lasting results. Most car odor eliminators last quite a long time. every type you choose, you should experiences better smells while in your car for at least a few weeks, sometimes even longer.


The formula is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and biodegradable. it’s extremely powerful and work on the worst odor. The product even manages to stop new odors from build up , so it’s extremely convenient within the end of the day . It comes during a 16-ounce bottle, applies during a breeze, and lasts for a short time .