The Odor Doctors Launches
Expertly Sanitized Vehicles

The Odor Doctors Launches Expertly Sanitized Vehicles; Expands into Canada with a New Marketing Approach which Differentiates How Auto Dealers Sell Pre-Owned Inventory

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 22, 2013

The Odor Doctors, a fast, inexpensive, practical and highly profitable solution for tackling the most challenging problem for used vehicle retailers across the globe, today announced the launch of “Expertly Sanitized Vehicles”; a new marketing approach that differentiates how auto dealers sell pre-owned inventory. The company also expanded into the Canadian market this month. The Odor Doctors vehicle sanitizing process helps auto dealers close more deals, retain more customers, and earn more gross profit.

According to Frank Simmons, The Odor Doctors developer, while it may seem a purely cosmetic issue, in-vehicle air quality is a major problem that can pose some serious health risks. Unsanitary vehicles including Odors are a sign that something is amiss in a vehicle and can be caused by unwanted chemicals, or a variety of bacteria, mold and growth. Too often, these conditions are just covered up with air fresheners instead of being dealt with in a proper and professional manner.

“The Odor Doctors has been in business for 9 years and during that time we have perfected the science of sanitizing and deodorizing vehicles. We treat the underlying cause of smell, rather than its symptoms. Just as people should want to sanitize their hands, they should want a sanitized vehicle. We take the dealer step-by-step from identifying and properly treating odors that are unique to the specific vehicle,” Simmons said.

Vehicles are a traveling container of microbial contaminants. Bacteria, mold, and fungus can develop naturally from a vehicle’s air conditioning system or from its occupants due to food and beverage spills, body odor and pets. Each customer vehicle, trade in, or auction purchased vehicle has this condition in common. The Odor Doctors can turn this opportunity into a profit center for auto dealers, rather than a nuisance.

While other solutions on the market can take hours, if not days, The Odor Doctors uses proven and reliable technologies to remove most odors in less than five minutes. Set up is extremely fast and simple: in less than ten minutes the Odor Doctors walks a dealership step-by-step through the process; including marketing, training, customer satisfaction, and retention.

This approach can also be used for customer retention and increased service and parts gross profit. In order to get the most benefits from the process, customers are urged to come back every 3-4 months for a reapplication.

The Odor Doctors provides a whole car solution which completely removes odors from carpets, headliners, upholstery, cup holders and vents. The most important part of The Odor Doctors method is the identification of the odor. By identifying the right odor a permanent solution can be provided instead of just covering it up or masking it. The human body can detect over 10,000 scents, many of which can end up in a vehicle. This is why The Odor Doctors solution is so specific. Removing odors is not a one-size-fits-all process. Once the odor has been identified, a corresponding microbial solution is used to target it.

The solution, which is specifically designed to address that odor type, penetrates the cause of the odor using nano-droplets. It is applied using ultrasonic technology which deeply penetrates the source of odor and separates the causal element from its source.

The Odor Doctors’ method works on all types of odors both chemical and naturally occurring, including bacteria, mold and fungus. These types are most troubling because if left unchecked they will continue to grow and become even more of a threat to the vehicle owner.

The Odor Doctors is currently used as an effective solution and additional profit center by most of the major automotive retailers in the United States.

“It is, by far, the best product in the market that we have come across in removing and neutralizing bad odors. We apply The Odor Doctors product to every Pre-Owned Certified Vehicle that we sell,” Eric Fisher, used car director, Dodge of Burnsville.
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About the Odor Doctors:

The Odor Doctors are auto car professionals that started the business because they realized how important vehicle sanitization was. They have now been in business for 9 years and during that time have perfected the science of sanitizing and deodorizing vehicles. The company has the best technology and product resource to effectively treat and eliminate bad odor in pre-owned vehicles. The process is proven and takes less than 10 minutes versus other methods than can take days.